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500 million Facebook users data leaked || sale by telegram bot ?

 500m Facebook users data leaked

The security researcher has reported that users from over 100 countries are impacted. In India, over 6,162,450 users were affected by this Facebook data breach.

Which data leaked :- 
Phone numbers over 500 million Facebook users are being sold using a Telegram bot.

As per a security researcher, the person who runs the Telegram bot has the information of over 500 million users.

The information was leaked due to a vulnerability found in Facebook in 2019.

As per a Motherboard report, the bot Telegram lets users find the phone number of another user if they have that person’s Facebook ID and if the user has the phone number of the person, he can get his Facebook ID. However, in order to access such sensitive information, user will have to pay the person behind the bot $20. The bot is also selling information in bulk. For 10,000 credits the bot is charging $5,000

Disclaimer:- this news collected by some tech website.


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